In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, there is a publicly financed English-language institution called Algonquin institution of Applied Arts and Technology. Three sites of the college exist, all in Ontario: a main campus in Ottawa, two satellite campuses in Perth and Pembroke. It grants bachelor's degrees, certificates, and diplomas in a selection of subject areas and specializations. The college serves the National Capital Region as well as Upstate New York, Eastern Ontario, and Western Quebec. It has been named one of Canada's top innovators and is listed among the Top 50 Research Colleges in the country. Over 300 programs are available for experimental learning at Algonquin College, a leader in applied and online learning, which has four locations. The biggest polytechnic institution in Eastern Ontario, Algonquin institution is located in the Ottawa Valley and offers options at the degree, diploma, certificate, and graduate certificate levels both on-campus and online. How come Algonquin College? - The Talloires Declaration (a sustainability declaration) was initially signed by Algonquin College. - With 269 programs offered over three campuses (Ottawa, Pembroke, and Perth), it has grown to become one of Canada's biggest institutions. - The goal of college is to turn aspirations and goals into successful lives. - Offers 31 Co-op programs to students in an effort to help them get decent jobs with references and experience in the future. - Within six months following graduation, 90% of graduates are employed. - 92% of companies are pleased with the caliber of college graduates they have hired. In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Algonquin College provides an education that combines individualized instruction with practical skills development through co-ops, fieldwork, and job placement. We offer the best option for you from our more than 300 programs, which include graduate certifications and degrees. Students at Algonquin College come from all over the world to have an effect on the world. Learn more about our programs and the benefits of attending Algonquin College right now.

Through a combination of theoretical and practical seminars taught by business professionals, the two-year Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management Ontario College Diploma program equips you with specific managerial abilities for the hospitality and tourism industry. Read up on: - Operating hotels and restaurants - Managerial abilities - Computer programs for the travel and hospitality industries - Financial administration - Marketing Introduction to business and industry courses are offered in the first year of the program to assist you get ready for entry-level jobs. In order to secure long-term professional success in the hospitality and tourism industry, the second year is devoted to building managerial abilities. Experience a range of positions in restaurant operations at Restaurant International, a restaurant and learning space run by Algonquin College students. To better prepare you for the variety of shift work in the workplace, some of these classes take place on the weekends and in the evenings. If they earn a minimum GPA of B in this program, graduates can continue their studies by advancing to year three of the Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Honors) degree program. In this dynamic field, there are an increasing number of work prospects, both locally and internationally. After graduation, graduates could work in - Food and beverage production - The lodging industry - Travel services - Marketing and sales - Transportation - Conferences and events AGENTS OF SUCCESS: These kind of pupils would do well in this program: - Possess strong social abilities and delight in engaging with others. - Are considering a career in the international hospitality industry. - Seek for exciting chances and experiences, as well as variety in their regular employment. - Are trying to find jobs that would provide them the flexibility to balance work and family life. Learning Results: The graduate has consistently shown the following abilities: - By adopting a cheerful outlook and professional demeanor, catering to different and unique requirements, and participating as a team member, you can support an industry and workplace service culture. - Provide customer support and solutions that go above and beyond both the expectations of the individual and the organization's standards and goals. - To promote and sell hospitality services, goods, and guest experiences, use marketing principles, market research, social media, sales and revenue management methods, relationship management skills, and product knowledge. - To assist in the efficient management and operation of a variety of enterprises that provide hospitality services and goods, apply business and revenue models as well as fundamental accounting, budgeting, financial, and administrative abilities. - To support and maintain effective, safe, secure, accessible, and healthy hospitality operations, adhere to relevant organizational and workplace systems, processes, rules, standards, legal requirements, and regulations. - Utilize the right technologies to improve the caliber and delivery of hospitality services, goods, and guest experiences as well as to assess the efficiency of operations. - To enhance work performance and direct career development, keep up with hospitality trends, challenges, and interdependent links in the larger tourism industry sectors. - To contribute to a productive workplace, use your understanding of organizational behavior, labor relations, employment norms, and human rights along with your leadership, teamwork, conflict- and relationship-management skills, and tools. - By employing and supporting moral behavior and industry-best practices for corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability, you can address problems and conundrums that arise in the provision of hospitality services, goods, and visitor experiences. - Determine and put into effect discipline-specific procedures that benefit the local and international society through civic engagement, financial stability, and environmental stewardship. Careers: - Graduates can choose from a variety of jobs in the worldwide hospitality and tourist sector. Front desk accommodations, guest service/housekeeping, sales and marketing, banquets, transportation, food and beverage, attractions, events and conferences, tourism services, and golf clubs are a few possible career options. Graduates who have had some experience may seek managerial or supervisory positions. Graduates have the option of continuing their education.

FEES: Tuition: $17167 per year

IELTS: 6(6) Academics: 2.8 GPA

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