Aspire2 International

New Zealand ,Auckland | Auckland, Christchurch

Graduate Diploma in Applied Management, Level 7

  • Duration: 12
  • $ 20850/year
  • IELTS: 6(6)
  • Diploma

One of the best training companies in New Zealand is Aspire2 International, which is based in Auckland. The institute provides chances to acquire essential knowledge and skills needed to thrive in various fields. Since 1996, the organization has been a registered Private Training Establishment. It is also one of the biggest PTEs in New Zealand with NZQA certification. The institute offers diploma and certification programs in a number of disciplines, including business, information technology, hospitality management, health services management, and technology management. Additionally, it provides facilities for training and short-term programming. The institute also offers cooking diploma and certificate programs. There are four campuses of Aspire2 International in New Zealand.


The campuses are located in Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga, and Henderson. All the campuses are well-equipped with modern facilities. The institute has students representing different nationalities. Its Christchurch Campus houses around 400 students studying in fields like Marketing, Networking Administrations, Business & Management, Finance, IT, Software Engineering, Hospitality, and Accounting. Moreover, the campus in Henderson is dedicated to Cookery programs.

Build specialized talents to establish a profession in the field of your choosing. Sharpen your critical thinking, strategic decision-making, and advanced analytical skills while developing practical proficiency in pertinent business contexts. Gain practical experience in a retail, project management, or tourist and hospitality management setting, and you'll graduate not only with a multidisciplinary degree that is highly applicable, but also with priceless industry contacts and connections in New Zealand.

There are two parts to this program:

Compulsory - In order to deliver practical business solutions, you will acquire the core concepts and abilities you need in basic business management and planning. These include applied accounting, budgeting, strategic operational management, marketing, organizational behavior, and corporate communication.

Specialization - You will concentrate on a particular area of business management in your area of interest, made up of two modules.

You must read two papers from your area of specialization in addition to the core articles.

Tuition fees: $20850 per year.


IELTS: 6(6)


Academics: 2.8 GPA

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