Australian Catholic University

Australia ,Melbourne | Brisbane, Canberra. Strathfield

Bachelor of Social Work

  • Duration: 48
  • $ 25568/year
  • IELTS: 6(6)
  • Bachelor

Public Australian universities include Australian Catholic University (ACU). It maintains a campus in Rome in addition to its seven Australian campuses. Ballarat, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney (Blacktown, North Sydney, Strathfield), with a Leadership Centre in Adelaide and another in Townsville, are just a few of ACU's seven campuses spread out across Australia. The university and the Catholic University of America, which is based in Rome, Italy, collaborated to launch the Rome Centre in 2015. The Strathfield Mount St. Mary Campus is a recognized historic site. A public institution, Australian Catholic institution was founded on January 1st, 1991. The Australian Catholic University was founded in eastern Australia as a result of the union of four tertiary Catholic institutions. The tertiary institutions were the Catholic College of Education in Sydney, New South Wales; the Institute of Catholic Education in Victoria; the Signadou College of Education in the Australian Capital Territory; and the McAuley College in Queensland. These higher education institutes were all founded sometime in the 1800s. In those days, religious organizations and institutes were actively involved in training teachers for Catholic schools and nurses for Catholic hospitals. Seven campuses make up Australian Catholic University, which is based in Brisbane, Queensland. Australia's Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Ballarat, Canberra, and Sydney (Strathfield and North Sydney) are where they can be found. The Rome Centre was established in 2015 thanks to a partnership between Australian Catholic University and the Catholic University of America. Four faculties can be used to group together all of the institutes and centers. Theology and philosophy (Christian thought, liturgy, moral theology, ethics, metaphysics, politics, biblical studies, Christian practice, ministry, religion studies, bioethics, philosophy of world religions, and epistemology), as well as the health sciences (environmental science, exercise science, midwifery, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, speech pathology, counselling, exercise physiology, mental health, nursing, paramedicine, public health, and social work) are among them.

Consider a career in social work if you're passionate about improving people's lives and promoting human rights and social justice. By addressing issues like inequality, discrimination, violence, and other forms of harassment, social workers can enhance the wellbeing of both individuals and entire communities. For kids who excel academically, an imbedded honors program is available starting in the third year. Professional Background: - 1000 hours of supervised field education and training will be required of you. Placement of Work: - A student's formation of a professional identity revolves around field education placement. You will get the chance to observe, analyze, and simulate social work behavior as well as put social work theory into practice and integrate knowledge from different disciplines. - In the second year of this degree, you will complete 35 hours of community participation project work. You will complete 1000 hours of professional experience field work during your third and fourth years of study under the supervision of a social work practitioner in social work and/or human service settings in a variety of organizations. Careers: Our graduates have gone on to work in: - Growth of a community - In a group - Mentally sound - Social work at hospitals - Children's safety - Familial obligations - Case handling - Policy development and analysis - Research - Social engagement - Program design - Sector of community welfare

FEES: Tuition: $25568 per year

IELTS: 6(6) Academics: 2.8 GPA

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