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Advanced Diploma in Business Administration - Human Resource (Optional Co-Op)

  • Duration: 36
  • $ 15693/year
  • IELTS: 6(6)
  • Advanced Diploma

One of the first publicly supported institutions in Ontario, Canada, is Centennial College. It is Ontario's first community college and was established in 1966. The most culturally diversified post-secondary institution in Canada is Centennial College. Over the past 55 years, Centennial College has evolved from a local community college to a global institution, with locations in nations including China, India, South Korea, and Brazil. Centennial College students are prepared for the workforce because more than 88% of employers who have hired Centennial grads are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their hires, earning the college recognition as one of Greater Toronto's best employers for 2022 by Mediacorp Canada Inc.


Centennial College's five campuses and seven satellite locations largely serve the eastern part of the Greater Toronto Area. Progress Campus, Morningside Campus, Ashtonbee Campus, Story Arts Centre Campus, and Downsview Campus are the five campuses of Centennial College. Across its 5 campuses and 7 specialized academic schools, Centennial College provides more than 160 programs in the form of degree programs, graduate certificate programs, fast-track programs, co-op education, and limited programs. Your program will determine the tuition. However, you can anticipate paying between $16,964 and $21,063 in tuition for a full year (two semesters). It is crucial to keep in mind that overseas part-time students pay $30.34 for postsecondary education and $39.25 for graduate coursework per contact hour. Currently, Centennial College has over 25,000 full-time students, 14,000 of them are international students from all over the world. More than 170,000 proud Centennial graduates of the college live around the world.


When preparing to enter college, deciding whether or not to live on campus is a crucial choice. First-come, first-served policy governs residence spaces at Centennial College. Depending on the type of housing you select, the cost of living at a university residence will vary; nonetheless, the average cost of living there is $1,000 each installment/per person.Centennial College offers two scholarships for foreign students. One scholarship is given to an international transfer student from China based on academic achievement, and the other is given to an international student based on merit. A second $1,500 can be applied against the cost of the second semester for international students who complete the first semester of their second program with a minimum grade point average of 3.3 (B+).The list of famous graduates from Centennial College is ample. John Candy (a Canadian actor), Ashley Diana Morris (a Canadian model), Jessica Lord (an actor), and many others are among the most well-known alumni.


Mission Statement: 

Educating students for career success.

We make every decision to support the career and personal development of our learners. Our curriculum, teaching and services demonstrate that we value the diverse profiles of our learners.


Vision Statement: 

Transforming lives and communities through learning.

To guarantee that a company has an adequate number of people with the necessary knowledge, skills, and talents to meet its goals, human resources must design policies, processes, and programs. The best talent pool is ensured to pioneer, compete, and be at the top of its field when HR is in alignment with a company's strategic goals and objectives. HR then becomes a strategic partner in the management of the organization.


The distinctive strategy used by Centennial College integrates modern human resource trends, the defense of diversity and human rights, and the encouragement of constructive labor-management relations. Human resource planning, staffing, recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation, employee and labor relations, occupational health and safety, management accounting, and human resource management systems are just a few of the primary areas in which you will gain competence.


The course places a strong emphasis on the capacity to evaluate and interpret accounting and financial data. Instead than focusing on compliance, legal issues are tackled from a proactive standpoint. Finally, instruction is provided on how to handle information and support decision-making using integrated human resource systems software and computer skills.

This unique Business School program will offer you the opportunity to acquire three designations:


  • CHRP™ designation from the Human Resources Professionals Association

  • CIM™ designation from the Canadian Institute of Management

  • PCP™ designation from the Canadian Payroll Association


Tuition Fees: $15693 per year 

Ancilliary Fees: $1708

Total 1st year fees: $17401


Scholarship:  International students are given scholarship in the basis of merit. Scholarship amount will be mentioned in the offer letter.  Eligible students who have successfully completed two consecutive semesters are eligible for both scholarships.

IELTS: 6(6)


Academics: 2.8 GPA

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