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Bachelor of Midwifery

  • Duration: 36
  • $ 32320/year
  • IELTS: 6(6)
  • Bachelor

2014 marked the 25th anniversary of Charles Darwin University providing higher education in the Northern Territory. The Northern Territory University was established in 1989, beginning the institution's history. The Northern Territory institution was the first dual-sector institution in Australia to offer both higher education and vocational education and training. The Northern Territory institution, Centralian College in Alice Springs, the Northern Territory Rural College in Katherine, and a collaboration with the Menzies School of Health Research were decided to unite to form a new institution. Charles Darwin University is a brand-new institution that opened its doors in 2003.


Australia is home to five campuses of Charles Darwin University. The Casuarina campus is CDU's largest campus and serves as the major hub for its research, higher education, and vocational training programs. Numerous VET courses are offered on the Palmerston campus, which is close to the Palmerston city center. CDU has two locations for its Katherine campus: the Katherine Town Center and the Katherine Rural Campus. The Alice Springs site serves a variety of industries and features a contemporary 85-seat lecture hall, a nursing clinical training lab, specialized IT classrooms, and a science lab for higher education. 


In order to achieve the highest academic outcomes, CDU's Sydney campus offers cutting-edge teaching and learning facilities, small class sizes, and simple access to teaching personnel. Charles Darwin University's campus amenities include access to study areas, CDU WiFi, and on-site professional assistance, among other things.For international students, Charles Darwin University offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and high degree by research programs, as well as foundation programs, first-year diplomas, pre-masters courses, certificate level programs, diploma and advanced diploma programs, and undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. More than 21,000 students attend the university. More than 2,000 international students are enrolled at CDU as per 2022 data.


International students have access to both on- and off-campus housing options. Students have a variety of housing alternatives, including housing in Casuarina, Katherine, and Alice Springs. People come to International House Darwin (IHD), which is located immediately on the Casuarina campus, not only to learn and study, but also to create their futures and personal adventures. There is a dining area, entertainment area, sports field, training and conference facilities, and a pool at Katherine Student Accommodation (KSA). 


International students are eligible for a wide range of scholarships from Charles Darwin University. The scholarships honor great academic performers who also contribute to their own potential by having a beneficial influence on the world. The Vice Chancellor's overseas High-Achievers Scholarship, CDU Global Merit Scholarship, CDU International College Pathway Scholarship, etc. are among the scholarships offered by Charles Darwin University to overseas students. More than 70,000 people from 140 different countries make up Charles Darwin University's alumni community. Among the prominent graduates of Darwin University are personalities like Vicki O' Halloran (an Australian businesswoman), Michael Gunner, Lauren Moss, and Loraine Braham (an Australian politician).

You can register as a midwife if you have a professionally recognized degree, such as the Bachelor of Midwifery. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia recognizes it as a recognized course of study. At CDU, you may pursue a Bachelor of Midwifery degree entirely online while attending intensive weeks (also known as clinical teaching blocks) of in-person instruction on campus.

After completing the Bachelor of Midwifery program, you will be prepared to work in a range of settings, particularly with rural, remote, and First Nations Australians, to offer woman-centered, evidence-based care for women, infants, and families throughout the childbearing journey. By supporting the woman's decision to have children and offering knowledge on pregnancy, delivery, postpartum, and the newborn period, you will aid in promoting the health and wellness of women and their families. Additionally, you'll be equipped to work in tandem with other medical specialists to maintain midwifery care in challenging circumstances.

As a student of midwifery, you will have access to a network of around 400 other students studying the profession all throughout Australia, as well as comprehensive technical and academic assistance. You will have some freedom in how you fit studying around your obligations to your family and your job, but you still need to be devoted and consistent about scheduling study time.


Tuition: $32320 per year



30% of tuition fees for new students

IELTS: 6(6)


Academics: 2.8 GPA

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