Flinders University

Australia ,Adelaide | Adelaide

Master of Engineering Science (Mechanical)

  • Duration: 24
  • $ 41400/year
  • IELTS: 6.5(6)
  • Master

A public research university with its headquarters in Adelaide, Flinders University has 11 sites spread across South Australia and the Northern Territory. Since its founding in 1966, Flinders University has provided higher degree research supervision across all disciplines and more than 160 undergraduate and postgraduate courses. New information and communication technologies are used in many courses to enhance in-person instruction and offer flexible possibilities. Southern Australia is home to several campuses for Flinders University. The university's main campus, Bedford Park, is located 12 kilometers from Adelaide's downtown. It provides a wide range of academic amenities like spacious study areas, a sizable library, constant Wi-Fi, and computer laboratories. Additionally, it has first-rate sports and exercise facilities, such as weight rooms, cardio rooms, well-equipped gyms, a cricket field, and fields for baseball, football, and soccer. The university's Victoria Square campus, located in the heart of Adelaide's CBD, is another superb location for students to learn and develop. Tonsley is home to another campus of Flinders University. It also includes a number of external teaching sites spread out across South Australia, Victoria, and the Northern Territory in addition to the three main campuses. Numerous research, graduate, and postgraduate programs are available at Flinders University in a variety of subject areas, including business, creative arts, education, engineering, environment, government, health sciences, humanities, information technology, law, medicine, nursing, psychology, public health, science, social sciences, and social work. More than 2,600 employees and over 26,000 students are housed at the university. The organization is a member of the International Network of Universities (INU) and Innovative Research Universities (IRU). Through partnerships with international institutions in Asia, North America, and Europe, it provides a range of study abroad and student exchange programs.

The Master of Engineering Science (Mechanical) lays the groundwork for continued professional growth, preparing you for future study or a career in an engineering-related field or in fields where these skills and knowledge are necessary. The design, manufacture, and operation of machinery is the focus of mechanical engineering. It uses physics, materials science, and mathematics principles to design, develop, study, evaluate, manufacture, install, test, operate, maintain, and manage mechanical systems. Mechanical engineering as a discipline is used in a wide range of industries, including mining, minerals processing, manufacturing, the oil and gas industry, the automotive, aviation, and shipbuilding industries, electrical power generation and distribution, road and rail transport, defense, agriculture, fishing, and food processing. Mechanical engineers are in high demand both locally and globally in a wide range of sectors. You will receive instruction in both theoretical and practical elements of engineering, and the course will build on your prior experience and expertise. Eleven core topics are covered throughout the program, including a design project and a research project. Core themes allow you to learn about engineering systems analysis, engineering physics and materials, engineering mathematics, mechanics and structures, engineering mechanics, engineering materials, and thermodynamics and energy systems. Topics include fluid mechanics, dynamics, applied thermo-fluid dynamics, machine mechanics, control systems, and solid mechanics. Flinders engineering team has great linkages with industry partners on research and development projects, thus there are many work placement possibilities available.

FEES: Tuition: $41400 per year

IELTS: 6.5(6) Academics: 2.8 GPA

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