George Brown College

Canada ,Ontario | Casa Loma Campus

Diploma in Architectural Technician

  • Duration: 24
  • $ 17241/year
  • IELTS: 6(6)
  • Diploma

In 1968, George Brown College opened its doors to little over 2,000 new students. George Brown originally provided degrees like sign writing or watchmaking in addition to the fields they still teach today, such as construction, early childhood education, dental services, and the culinary arts. Unbelievably, they even offered a maritime engineering curriculum to equip pupils for work at sea. Since then, there are already more than 30,000 students enrolled. People from all around the Greater Toronto Area, the nation, and the world attend George Brown to acquire the knowledge and practical experience necessary to excel in the workplace. Since 2004, George Brown has more than doubled in size, expanded its international collaborations, and deepened its commitment to enhancing the cultural, economic, and social fabric of Toronto under the direction of current President Gervan Fearon.


Students who choose to study in downtown Toronto will do so in the center of the largest and most diverse economy in Canada. George Brown has one of the broadest selections of full-time college programs in Canada, offering more than 160 career-focused certificate, diploma, postgraduate, and degree programs. The majority of their programs include a field education component that offers students the chance to work and learn alongside business partners who may perhaps work for them in the future.



You will gain a thorough understanding of architectural drawing and technical design skills as well as an understanding of sustainable building design and construction materials based on current green principles while learning in state-of-the-art architectural studios with the most cutting-edge tools and software.

Computer-aided drafting, design, rendering, modeling, design and development drawings, construction drawings, and architectural presentation are all topics covered in the courses. Additionally, the principles of building science, building systems, building regulations, and construction legislation will be taught to you. In a project-based learning setting, teamwork is stressed.

Program Learning Outcomes
The graduate has consistently shown the following abilities:

  1. Consult clients, builders, other building experts, and the appropriate approval bodies.
  2. help with the creation, reading, and interpretation of drawings and other graphical materials used in construction projects.
  3. Specifications and other project documents needed in design and construction should be read and helped to prepare.
  4. aid in the creation of time, cost, and quantity estimations.
  5. apply the concepts of building science and mathematics to help with the technical challenges that arise in construction projects.
  6. Work together with the construction team members.
  7. help with the creation of architectural designs.
  8. The development of site-planning documentation is reviewed and helped.
  9. abide by the moral and legal obligations that an architectural technician has when designing buildings
  10. aid in the evaluation of buildings for initiatives involving renovation and repurposing.
  11. Make sure everyone is safe at work.
  12. Determine sustainable building and design techniques.
  13. Utilize cutting-edge and contemporary technology to assist construction operations.
  14. aid in the management of building projects' construction phases.

Tuition fees: $17241 per year.



IELTS: 6(6)


Academics: 2.8 GPA

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