George Brown College

Canada ,Ontario | Casa Loma Campus

Post Graduate Certificate in Building Information Modeling Management

  • Duration: 12
  • $ 25275/year
  • IELTS: 6.5(6)
  • PG Diploma

In 1968, George Brown College opened its doors to little over 2,000 new students. George Brown originally provided degrees like sign writing or watchmaking in addition to the fields they still teach today, such as construction, early childhood education, dental services, and the culinary arts. Unbelievably, they even offered a maritime engineering curriculum to equip pupils for work at sea. Since then, there are already more than 30,000 students enrolled. People from all around the Greater Toronto Area, the nation, and the world attend George Brown to acquire the knowledge and practical experience necessary to excel in the workplace. Since 2004, George Brown has more than doubled in size, expanded its international collaborations, and deepened its commitment to enhancing the cultural, economic, and social fabric of Toronto under the direction of current President Gervan Fearon.


Students who choose to study in downtown Toronto will do so in the center of the largest and most diverse economy in Canada. George Brown has one of the broadest selections of full-time college programs in Canada, offering more than 160 career-focused certificate, diploma, postgraduate, and degree programs. The majority of their programs include a field education component that offers students the chance to work and learn alongside business partners who may perhaps work for them in the future.



The program's graduates will be able to use BIM tools and apply BIM Management procedures in any business that deals with the purchase, design, construction, and operation of buildings.

Important elements of the program:

  • Students may use our cutting-edge BIM lab facilities.
  • In the third semester, students will combine classroom instruction with a variety of online and brief practical skills modules.


  1. What kinds of businesses typically accept BIM students for fieldwork?
  2. Is field experience a requirement for this program?
  3. Does the college promise every student enrolling in the program a field experience?
  4. Is the fieldwork experience for students reimbursed?
  5. Can my prior BIM-related work count toward the required field experience?
  6. What educational options are available after this program is over?
  7. Is it possible for students to do practical BIM research while finishing the BIM program?

Tuition fees: $25275 per year.



IELTS: 6.5(6)


Academics: 2.8 GPA

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