James Cook University

Australia ,Townsville | Brisbane

Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events

  • Duration: 36
  • $ 32960/year
  • IELTS: 6(6)
  • Bachelor

James Cook institution is a public institution located in North Queensland, Australia, and is named after the explorer James Cook. Under the name University of Queensland, the institution opened its doors to students in 1961. The second-oldest institution in Australia is James Cook institution, which became independent in 1970. JCU offers short-term, online, undergraduate, graduate, and pathway courses.

The College of Arts, Society, and Education offers bachelor's and master's degrees in education with a variety of specializations, as well as bachelor's and master's degrees in the arts, social work, and education. There are also diploma and route programs in each sub-department. The College of Business Law and Governance offers several MBA programs, diploma courses, and bachelor's degrees in law and science. The Business sub-department offers an MBA with a variety of specializations, a Bachelor of Business, and a Bachelor of Commerce. The College of Healthcare Sciences provides a variety of programs in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, speech pathology, sports exercise science, and nursing and midwifery. Bachelor of Speech Pathology, Master of Rehabilitation, Bachelor of Nursing Science, Master of Nursing, Master of Public Health, and Bachelor of Physiotherapy are the degree programs offered in this field. Under the sub-category of Medicine, the College of Medicine and Dentistry provides bachelor's degrees in health science, medicine, and master's degrees in health professional education. The dentistry program offers several degrees, including a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and a Graduate Diploma in Orthodontics.


Along with other programs, the college's pharmacy department grants degrees in pharmacy and pharmaceutical public health. Postgraduate degrees in Molecular and Cell Biology, Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and Veterinary Sciences are available from the College of Public Health, Medical, and Veterinary Sciences. The same college's biomedical sciences department also offers a bachelor's degree in clinical sciences, a master's degree in medical science, etc. The College of Science and Engineering offers undergraduate, graduate, and diploma programs in seven different specializations. Engineering, environmental management, geoscience, information technology, marine biology and aquaculture, physical sciences and zoology, and ecology are among the fields that students might choose to study. 


Three campuses of James Cook University can be found in Singapore, Townsville, and Cairnes, Australia. The principal and biggest campus is in Townsville. It counts 11,500 students, 1,500 of them are from abroad. Saints Catholic College, Saints Mark's College, and The John Flynn College are three further colleges with affiliations to the Townsville campus. 4,000 students attend JCU's Cairnes campus, which serves the entire institution. The Singapore campus opened its doors in 2003.

Develop down on tropical settings while developing in-demand skills in digital fluency, sustainability, resilience, and futures thinking. Connect with JCU's many foreign alumni and business partners. Participate on field visits, hear from distinguished guest speakers, and finish industry-based exams. Using professional practice materials and 400 hours of skill development, create and deliver tourism, hospitality, and events services and experiences that are guided by the needs of the consumer. Participate in real-world practical placements with the chance to earn money as an intern at top industry partners.


During this training, you will get your barista, RSA, and HACCP credentials. Start a rewarding, fast-paced career in tourism, hospitality, or events. JCU graduates are prepared with the specialized training and worldwide business abilities to excel in their chosen areas. Graduates of the JCU Tourism, Hospitality and Events (THE) program are multi-skilled business professionals who work in a variety of fields. Graduates work in the hospitality, events, tourism, and business industries. As a hospitality manager, events manager, hotel supervisor, travel agent, spa manager, conference planner, tour guide, tourist operator, or company owner, you may find work.


Students from abroad are the only ones who may enroll in this program. 


Tuition: $32960 per year



25 % scholarship for the entire duration of the course. 

IELTS: 6(6)


Academics: 2.8 GPA

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