Macquaire University

Australia ,Sydney | Sydney

Bachelor of Information Technology

  • Duration: 36
  • $ 40200/year
  • IELTS: 6(6)
  • Bachelor

In the Macquarie Park neighborhood of Sydney, Australia, is where Macquarie University is located. The New South Wales Government established it in 1964, making it the third university to be founded in Sydney's metropolitan area. With five faculties, the Macquarie University Hospital, and the Macquarie Graduate School of Management all located on the university's main campus in suburban Sydney, Macquarie has a reputation for being a prestigious institution. For the first time in Australia, a university has fully adapted its degree structure to the Bologna Accord. Sydney, Australia-based Macquarie institution is a public research institution. The University is among the top 1% of all international research universities. It was established in 1964 and offers open application processes, student choice, semester, and grading systems. More than 300 international businesses are located on the campus or in the Macquarie Park High-Tech district. Students can take advantage of a few amenities on the main campus in Wallumattagal. The campus is home to Australia's first and only nonprofit hospital as well as one of the major technology and business districts in the Southern Hemisphere, Macquarie Park Innovation District. It is also home to Australia's most technologically advanced library. Macquarie University, one of Australia's top institutions and one of the top 200 universities in the world, is known for turning out some of the most sought-after professionals in the world. Graduates have the practical experience they need to advance thanks to award-winning internship programs, flexible curriculum, and facilities of the highest caliber in the world.

At the same time that business is growing more competitive, the globe is experiencing an explosion of information. People with the abilities to support innovation in society and business are in high demand. You will learn the fundamentals of programming, data storage and modeling, networking, and cybersecurity in the Bachelor of Information Technology degree. Whether it is software design and development, applied data modeling and analysis, or security problem identification and mitigation, you'll study broad, cohesive knowledge and abilities from an area of information technology and how to use them to address problems in the real world. Additionally, you'll learn how to tie your IT knowledge and expertise to a broader social context and how to weigh ethical and security issues while making decisions. Key Attributes: - Investigate your choices to increase your employability. - Obtain a combination of theoretical and technical skills - Take a degree that was created in conjunction with industry. - Finish a big, supervised project. Career Results: Professions: - A venture or business analyst - Consultant - Analyst for data - Database programmer - Researcher or developer in information technology - Project director - Security advisor - Software programmer - Administrator of systems Employers: - Financial institutions and banks - Defense organizations - Government departments and agencies - Firms engaged in research and development - Retail and online businesses - Start-ups - Companies that create software and technology - Telecoms and technology firms - Firms in the transportation, infrastructure, and logistics sectors - Utilities businesses

FEES: Tuition: $40200 per year

IELTS: 6(6) Academics: 2.8 GPA

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