Sheridan College

Canada ,Oakville | Oakville

Advanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology (Co-op)

  • Duration: 36
  • $ 18155/year
  • IELTS: 6(6)
  • Advanced Diploma

Sheridan College is a leading diploma and degree-granting institution in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1967, Sheridan is home to more than 23,000 full-time students and 16,950 continuing education students from more than 110 countries over its three Ontario city campuses – Oakville, Brampton, and Mississauga. Often dubbed as the ‘Harvard of Animation’ or ‘Disney North’, Sheridan’s graduates include Academy and Emmy Award winners in the fields of animation and creative arts.

Although Sheridan's advanced diploma in chemical engineering technology provides instruction in both the lab and the industry, it stands out for its focus on real chemical engineering. Sheridan differs from other chemical engineering college programs in that we place a heavy emphasis on employment involving complicated, industrial-scale processes.

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has consistently shown the following abilities:

Follow all applicable laws, rules, regulations, standards, practices, and guidelines when performing your task.

To satisfy corporate standards and needs, implement, coordinate, and assess quality control and quality assurance methods.

Troubleshoot laboratory apparatus and industrial or chemical processes.

Use the principles of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and chemical engineering to solve complicated issues and complete tasks.

To conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses and tests, you must carry out, coordinate, put into practice, and validate laboratory methods.

Compounds should be prepared and purified using normal synthesis and purification techniques.

Using the concepts of chemical engineering, maintain and manage industrial or chemical processes and help with their design.

Use statistical analysis to examine and understand data.

In jobs and projects involving chemical engineering, choose and employ contemporary technologies.

Technical documentation must be created, modified, interpreted, and presented for use in chemical engineering applications.

Employ sustainable best practices.

Create plans for continued professional and personal growth to improve work output in a multidisciplinary setting.


Tuition: $18155 per year                                   

Total: $18155 per year


IELTS: 6(6)

Academics: 2.8 GPA

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