Sheridan College

Canada ,Oakville | Oakville

Advanced Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology (Co-op)

  • Duration: 36
  • $ 18539/year
  • IELTS: 6(6)
  • Advanced Diploma

Sheridan College is a leading diploma and degree-granting institution in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1967, Sheridan is home to more than 23,000 full-time students and 16,950 continuing education students from more than 110 countries over its three Ontario city campuses – Oakville, Brampton, and Mississauga. Often dubbed as the ‘Harvard of Animation’ or ‘Disney North’, Sheridan’s graduates include Academy and Emmy Award winners in the fields of animation and creative arts.

As a specialist in computer engineering, stand out from the crowd! In addition to teaching you how to connect hardware and software components, Sheridan's advanced diploma program expands on the two-year Computer Engineering Technician diploma. You'll be able to design, create, test, implement, and maintain embedded devices, computer programs, and network systems by the time you graduate.

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has consistently shown the following abilities:

Determine, examine, develop, implement, test, and record the specifications for a computing environment.

With the proper approaches and tools, identify technical issues and troubleshoot them.

create, develop, and upkeep secure computing infrastructures.

utilizing validation testing, industry best practices, and analysis to create, develop, and maintain resilient computing system solutions.

Establish open lines of communication and work together with stakeholders to create productive working relationships.

To improve work performance, choose and implement personal and professional development techniques.

Respond to requests and keep track of projects in a computing environment by using project management techniques and tools.

Follow ethical, social media, legal, regulatory, and/or economic standards and/or guidelines while creating, implementing, and maintaining computing systems and solutions.

Explore new trends to overcome technical obstacles.

Using the proper systems, techniques, and connectivity protocols, integrate numerous software and hardware components.

Assess, plan, design, develop, test, and implement computer hardware and networked systems in compliance with the necessary functional standards and requirements.

Design, implement, and troubleshoot computing devices, including embedded systems and components, using the concepts of digital and analog circuits.

Develop, create, test, put into action, and maintain embedded (including IoT*) systems and programs.

Create, test, and keep up software programs for integrating systems.


Tuition: $18539 per year                                   

Total: $18539 per year


IELTS: 6(6)

Academics: 2.8 GPA

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