Sheridan College

Canada ,Oakville | Oakville

Diploma in Business Finance

  • Duration: 24
  • $ 18182/year
  • IELTS: 6(6)
  • Diploma

Sheridan College is a leading diploma and degree-granting institution in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1967, Sheridan is home to more than 23,000 full-time students and 16,950 continuing education students from more than 110 countries over its three Ontario city campuses – Oakville, Brampton, and Mississauga. Often dubbed as the ‘Harvard of Animation’ or ‘Disney North’, Sheridan’s graduates include Academy and Emmy Award winners in the fields of animation and creative arts.

You'll learn the necessary foundational skills in this program to land positions in finance. Processing financial records, reporting analysis, and commercial networking are all skills you'll learn. While you learn about investment, financial statement analysis, and other topics, you'll also gain practical experience. By the time you graduate, you'll be equipped with a broad knowledge base and be ready to work in a finance department or at a financial institution.

Program Learning Outcomes

For individuals and/or organizations, process and preserve financial records in accordance with the applicable policies, procedures, and regulations.

Compile and present financial data for people and/or organizations in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Apply financial mathematics and statistics to the analysis of financial reports for people and/or businesses.

Create and assess a financial strategy to address the needs and goals of individuals and/or organizations.

Create, put into action, and coordinate marketing plans to advertise financial goods and services and improve customer service.

Create and put into action plans for professional networking and business contacts in the banking industry.

Evaluate and assess the effects of economic factors in a Canadian environment. Law, morality, technology, and the environment all have an impact on how people and/or organizations operate.

Create, put into action, and assess continuous plans for professional and personal growth that emphasize the ethics, standards, and values of the banking industry.

Use project management principles to coordinate the planning, execution, management, and assessment of team projects.


Tuition: $18182 per year                                   

Total: $18182 per year



IELTS: 6(6)

Academics: 2.8 GPA

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