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Advanced Manufacturing Management, intended for students with degrees or diplomas from comparable programs, condenses a variety of advanced production management skills into one year of intensive study. Also, you are developing relationships and real-world experience through the program's co-op component while while obtaining your credential.

Program Learning Outcomes

Making managerial-level judgments in a manufacturing context, including supply chain management, operations management, and lean manufacturing, has been consistently proven by the graduate.

Use successful teamwork, leadership, interpersonal, and human relations techniques in a work context.

Evaluate professional, engineering, and planning choices made in a manufacturing setting.

Distinguish between general management choices that go beyond just manufacturing and encompass project, energy, cost, and budget management abilities.

Provide accurate and convincing written, oral, and graphic communications in a professional manner, using modern technologies.

Develop team-building practices and principles in an interdisciplinary setting while including negotiation and problem-solving techniques.

support the making of production decisions using data collected from cutting edge IT systems.

In accordance with ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard, draft a simple energy management plan.

Based on an analysis of the effects of production practices on the environment, the law, and safety, adhere to applicable legislation, rules, and standards.

Analyze the manufacturing processes, goods, and operations' cost effectiveness.

Use a range of efficient tools and approaches to manage a sustainable supply chain.

Create a plan to reduce business rick and optimize new prospects brought on by enhancing procedures and goods.

Provide recommendations for the technology needed in a manufacturing facility to boost output and cut waste.

Choose manufacturing procedures to produce high-quality goods with less environmental impact that meet consumer and societal needs.

Examine the environmental impact and product life cycle of the product.


Tuition: $21433 per year                                   

Total: $21433 per year



IELTS: 6.5(6)

Academics: 2.8 GPA

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