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Bachelor of Communication (Journalism)

  • Duration: 36
  • $ 22120/year
  • IELTS: 6(6)
  • Bachelor

In Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, there is a public research institution called the institution of Technology Sydney (UTS). UTS is a founding member of Universities Australia (UA), the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), and the Australian Technology Network (ATN). In Sydney, Australia, there is a public research institution called the institution of Technology Sydney. The best young university in Australia is UTS. All of its research is deemed to be of world-class quality. The University of Technology Sydney has more than 11,000 international students enrolled in a variety of disciplines. The university's nine faculties and schools, which together oversee 210 postgraduate courses and 130 undergraduate courses, are organized into nine departments. The institution welcomed 44,615 new students in 2022, including 32,825 undergraduates. More than 45 research centers and institutes are located at the institution, and they frequently work with businesses and the government. There are more than 180 clubs and societies recognized by UTS. Its varsity sports teams, which are managed by UTS Sport, play all year round in both the UniSport Nationals and separate national competitions. The institution will have around 270,000 alumni from 140 different countries as of 2022. A dynamic, young, international city is home to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), a vibrant, young, international university. The university is ranked 137th by QS and 133rd by Times Higher Education in their respective lists of the top 200 universities in the world. The best aspects of online and in-person learning are combined in UTS' well-known innovative teaching and learning methodology. Students gain from a comprehensive education that focuses on careers and has solid connections to business. They are equipped for future in a way that is appropriate for now. Health, data sciences, sustainability, applied economics, social futures, robotics, civil engineering, future work, microbiology, and quantum computation are just a few of the fields that UTS researches. Nearly 80% of UTS research is judged to have a "high" impact beyond the academic sphere, the highest percentage in the nation, and 100% of UTS' broad fields of research are benchmarked by the Australian Government at world class or higher. Thus, UTS prioritizes providing its students with practical experience, encouraging innovation, and helping the community at large.

Journalism is an intriguing and varied career option for those who are interested in researching and disseminating information on global topics like politics, climate change, or international relations. It blends writing, producing, research, and critical thinking abilities to help students improve their ability to articulate global issues and affairs in ways that are understandable and pertinent. UTS bases its journalism programs on the tenets that free and effective media are essential to any functioning society. We promote critical thinking in our graduates and provide them the ethical, intellectual, and political grounding they need to succeed in the workplace. One of Australia's top undergraduate journalism programs is the UTS Bachelor of Communication (Journalism). You will learn to produce original multiplatform journalism in a variety of forms, including investigative, political, and environmental reporting, giving you the tools to seek professional options across the spectrum of the media business. We'll also urge you to consider how journalism plays a crucial role in preserving truth, fairness, and excellent storytelling at the core of our journalistic practice and in cultures all across the world. The Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) is a practice-based course that offers opportunities to engage with real reporting through UTS Central News and industry leaders like the ABC, The Guardian, and more. It is located in the center of Sydney close to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). A critical awareness of the function of journalists in a democracy is imparted to students in the Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) program. Journalism serves as a venue for public discourse and offers all communities a voice. Students learn the production, digital content development, news reporting and analysis, and writing abilities necessary to succeed in this diversified sector through practical experience. These abilities can be used across a range of media formats, including print, online, audio, television, and social media. Careers: - Students can choose one of five additional majors from the Bachelor of Communication to add as a second major to expand their career flexibility. By doing so, they can develop additional media and communication-related skills and portfolios that will prepare them for a variety of job opportunities. Students who take these courses leave with useful abilities that they can use in the burgeoning media industry. - Graduates can choose from a wide range of careers, including those as a reporter, producer, editor, social media editor, sub-editor, freelance feature and investigative journalist, researcher, and content creator for print, broadcast, and online media. Graduates with interests in journalism may want to pursue careers as media advisors, communication consultants, content producers, or communicators in government and non-governmental organizations. - Reporter, producer, editor, social media editor, sub-editor, freelancer, investigative journalist, researcher, print, broadcast, and online media strategy are all possible careers. Graduates frequently find employment in journalism-related fields, such as as content producers or communication advisers, as well as in non-governmental organizations and other civil society organizations including unions, universities, and charities. What draws journalism to UTS? - Well regarded journalism program - Create a portfolio for professionals. - Develop your skills in a newsroom - Overseas possibilities - Professional acclaim - Add another major

FEES: Tuition: $22120 per year

IELTS: 6(6) Academics: 2.8 GPA

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