William Angliss Institute

Australia ,Melbourne | Melbourne

Bachelors of Culinary Management

  • Duration: 48
  • $ 20800/year
  • IELTS: 6(6)
  • Bachelor

The William Angliss Institute offers a variety of courses both domestically and internationally. It is a specialized training provider for the food, tourism, hospitality, events, and hotel management industries. It offers a wide range of training and education programs, including recognized traineeships and apprenticeships, certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas, short courses, graduate certificates, bachelor's, and master's degrees, and it admits over 23,000 students a year. The main campus of the William Angliss Institute in Melbourne is Australia's largest specialty center for hospitality, cuisine, travel, and events. Strategically located in the Central Business District is the fully furnished facility. The campus is conveniently accessible by train, bus, and tram because it is situated inside the free tram zone. The Sydney Campus has relocated to more contemporary spaces. A regular bus service, a bike path, and three distinct train stations all efficiently connect to the new region. Alexandria also provides affordable lodging and is a location for a blossoming cuisine culture.


The William Angliss Institute Foundation assists financially challenged students in pursuing their career goals by providing educational opportunities. The foundation was established in honor of the late Sir William Charles Angliss' groundbreaking efforts in the hospitality and culinary industries. Through the implementation of several grant programs across the institute, the foundation continuously assists students and the larger community through a scholarship fund created with the kind support of the many friends and business partners. 


Vocational workshops are a regular component of the Angliss student schedule, delivering practical aptitudes one can try. Workshops include:

  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Networking skills


Angliss offers a variety of on-campus opportunities for students to network with potential employers. Students may attend a recruiting drive, information presentation, or speed networking event. There are a variety of informational tools and fact sheets available on finding employment, volunteer rights and responsibilities, job applications (including sample cover letters, resumes, and cover letters), and interview preparation. Print copies are available in the Student Lounge and online at Career Hub.

Our Bachelor of Culinary Management program not only teaches you the fundamentals of cooking but also challenges you to think critically about the business of being a creative culinary entrepreneur. It combines the practical and technical aspects of working in a commercial kitchen with the business and management skills of a culinary manager.

After receiving guidance to find suitable paid employment, you will complete 12 months of vital practical experience in industry during your third year of study.

This four-year program blends academic rigor with experiential learning to give you a thorough knowledge of the kitchen manager's responsibilities. The theoretical and practical aspects of the kitchen are combined, and a wide range of applied skills, such as traditional cooking methods, food service, and menu planning, are investigated and honed.

The business and management principles required to properly manage finances, stock, employees, and facilities are provided via courses in human resource management, leadership, innovation, and strategy.

A paid industry placement in your third year of education will give you priceless practical experience.


Restaurant Industry Expert

food and beverage merchant

Food and Drink

Corporate Hospitality Manager

Manager Operator in Catering



Tuition: $20800 per year



You can get $3000 scholarship for the first two semesters.

IELTS: 6(6)


Academics: 2.8 GPA

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